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Bedouin show style halters:
Bedouin Show style halters are a non-tasseled version of our Bedouin dagger halters, intended for show ring use of easy managed horses. These halters are hand woven from high-quality, ultra-soft wool, and as with all our offerings they are beaded and decorated with cowries and other adornments.
Every Show halter comes complete with a lead, throatlatch (not pictured) and a brass or silver nose band with daggers (shark-teeth).

Please Note, -please contact us for specific requests and special sizes.

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Basic colors:
"Name of halter" halters are available in black, white, yellow, red, burgundy, blue, and green. These colors are usually in stock and are shipped immediately. Please allow 1-2 weeks if they are not in stock.

Custom made colors: Other colors or color combinations can be custom made upon request. Please allow extra time for custom made halters.

Bedouin show style halters

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