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Egyptian style halters:

The Egyptian style halters are a very eye catching and passionate typical Bedouin way of Arabian horse presentation. They are hand woven from high-quality, ultra-soft wool, beaded and decorated with cowries and other adornments. Each halter is finished with a three groups of tassels, one group on each side of the Brass noseband. Tassels are hand braided, with the top part of halter threads, gathered and secured by gold threads. Three extra tassels are added to each cheek piece of these halters but they are not braided in with the actual halter threads.

Each halter comes complete with a lead, throatlatch and a hand welded Brass nose band with dagger (shark-tooth) shaped hand made pendants.
These are available in double or single chains in silver or gold colors.

Please Note, -please contact us for specific requests and special sizes.

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 Basic colors: "Name of halter" halters are available in black, white, yellow, red, burgundy, blue, and green. These colors are usually in stock and are shipped immediately. Please allow 1-2 weeks if they are not in stock.

Custom made colors: Other colors or color combinations can be custom made upon request. Please allow extra time for custom made halters.

Egyptian style halters

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